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George Paton: We’re really high on Drew Lock, but we want competition

George Paton says all the right things about Drew Lock. The General Manager’s comments about the Broncos’ quarterback, though, always include a “but.” The fact is: The Broncos are looking

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Weight loss surgery reduces brain pressure in patients with neurological condition

Weight loss surgery is more effective than dieting to reduce brain pressure that can cause blindness in patients with a neurological condition, finds a study led by the University of

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Clean crude? Oil firms use offsets to claim green barrels

In January, Occidental Petroleum announced it had accomplished something no oil company had done before: It sold a shipload of crude that it said was 100% carbon-neutral. While the two-million-barrel

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Any video conferencing app can use the iPad Pro’s fancy zoom and pan camera

Apple has confirmed that the digital pan and zoom feature of the new M1 iPad Pro’s front-facing camera can work with any video conferencing app, not just FaceTime. That opens

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‘I don’t care about the 29-year age gap – I’m in love with my stepfather-in-law’

When Erica Quiggle’s relationship with her first husband went through a challenging period in 2011, she found unexpected support and guidance in his step-father. The unlikely duo became close friends

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